Are Virtual Events here to stay?


10 things to do during your next virtual event

The world is now moving into a completely digital way of life and we are all starting to see the importance of creating the most reliable virtual events for our audiences. Being able to make the best possible virtual event is not going to be an easy process, but once you are able to understand how to do this right, you will be able to achieve the results you expect from the event.

Learning how to make the most out of your virtual event is going to be crucial for your success. The following are 10 excellent ways to make your next event a huge success.



1- Have musicians play live during the event

This may sound over the top, but people are craving live concerts anywhere they `can find them and the current situation with social distancing is making it impossible for people to enjoy a concert outdoors. The best big thing would be for you to create a virtual concert with a band that is actually playing live from a remote location.

There are many great bands that you can hire to play live from their homes. Some of them will get together and play in the same room, but it can also be fun for them to be playing live from different locations. This is something that is becoming very popular even amongst famous bands all over the world.


2- Bring an element of participation with games

Creating live games during your virtual event to allow people to participate and engage in a fun competition is going to be a great way to make it a more memorable experience. You could do this by formulating questions that are related to the niche or by coming up with a memory game that requires their attention to something specific to retain information and see if they can remember.


3- Incorporate a wellness activity

How about giving people the chance to participate in a meditation session or to learn a great healthy recipe for their weight loss goals. The idea is for you to bring more value to the virtual event and this is an excellent way to do this without a doubt.

People are more interested in being healthy and having a strong immune system than ever before. The pandemic has created a lot of consciousness in regards to this type of topic, so it’s always going to be well received for you to bring something of value to the event that relates to health.


4- Bring a magician to the mix

How about having a magician performing tricks for the live audience, and better yet, one that actually offers an interactive magic act for virtual events. This type of idea may sound a little too informal for some events, but given the current state of the world and the stressful way we are living, people just want to feel normal and have fun as often as they can.


5- Create a point and reward system

When people attend your virtual event, you could give points to attendees for participating in each training, for winning contests, for participating in the live Q&A and much more. This is a great way to provide an incentive for people to join you for future events.

Some events have managed to become wildly successful because they have rewarded many of their attendees with a system that benefits those who participate the most.


6- Incorporate sponsored sessions

Having the support of a few good sponsors is going to prove to be extremely important for the success of your event. Incorporating sponsor sessions to give the sponsor the opportunity to reach your audience directly is going to be very beneficial for future support.

Giving your sponsor a spot to showcase products, services, or event promotion is a great way to establish a good relationship for future event sponsorships.


7- Add sponsored giveaways to the mix

If your sponsors decide to give away some of their products, you could create some nice events and quick games that will allow the participants to have the chance to win some of these items free of charge.

The more sponsors you can get for this, the easier it is to organize events and games during the event and get plenty of people to participate.


8- Create networking opportunities

If your virtual guests can create a virtual representation of themselves, they will be able to experience a sense of involvement that is very important in the world of virtual event creation. Being at an event that is not attended physically can feel a little impersonal and detached, but virtual avatars can make a world of a difference in this type of situation. Group chats, discussions and on-on-one user chatting capabilities is a great way!

TOP 10 Features to have during a Virtual Event


9- Bring in prerecorded guests or live guests

Sometimes it can be hard to orchestrate too many live elements in a single event and this can easily turn into a complicated effort. You can always bring in some guests who could provide a quick lecture or training with a video file that is prerecorded and then played during the live event.

There are many ways to do this, but always make sure that the recording has a background that matches the event theme, or if possible, have the guest record their video with a green background so that you can customize it with ease.

TOP 10 Features to have during a Virtual Event


10- Promote the event while it’s taking place

One great thing about virtual events is that anyone can join instantly even if they are miles away. This means that promoting the event as it takes place is going to be a great way to bring in more people to join and participate. You can always do a live stream during the event to invite more people.

The best way to do this is through your social media pages, so always keep the promotion going even if the event is about to end. Any last minute attendance is always going to count in a very positive way.


Other important tips for your event

Create a list of the things that you need to do during the event and turn it into a schedule that can be somewhat flexible. You have to make sure that the entire event takes place during a certain timeframe. This means that each section of the event has to follow the schedule in order for the event to be a success.

Also, make sure that you use a powerful cloud based virtual event platform with real-time communication tools for your event. This is essential if you want to avoid any issues that are software based and they could ruin your entire event even if you have planned ahead.


Congrego.Tech is an excellent option for virtual events and it has a robust and rigorously tested interface with all the solutions you need for your next event. This includes augmented reality features, content presentations, live chats and fully interactive 3D booths and showrooms for an experience that is remarkably close to an offline event. The more features the platform has, the better, and Congrego delivers in every way possible for virtual events.


Final thoughts

Creating a virtual event in 2021 is going to be a very common thing to see all over the world and this has become part of our daily activists in many ways. From quick video chats to video conferences in the office, we are now getting used to the virtual way of life and this means that we need to become a master of the process of hosting virtual vents if we want to stand out from the competition.

Now that you know how to make your next virtual event a success, make sure that you are consistent with the creation of these types of online activities for maximum engagement.

TOP 10 Features to have during a Virtual Event